Adils Ottarsson 1 2 3a

Nom de naissance Adils Ottarsson
Nom de naissance Eadgils
Nom de naissance Aðils Ottarsson
Nom de naissance Athils av Uppsala
Nom de naissance Adils Ottarsson av Uppsala
Nom de naissance Aðísl at Uppsölum
Nom de naissance Athisl
Nom de naissance Adhel
Nom de naissance Aþagīslaz
Identifiant Gramps I4849
Genre masculin
Âge au décès inconnu


Roi d'Uppsala


Eadgils, Adils, Aðils, Adillus, Aðísl at Uppsölum, Athisl, Athislus, Adhel was a semi-legendary king of Sweden, who is estimated to have lived during the 6th century.

Beowulf and Old Norse sources present him as the son of Ohthere and as belonging to the ruling Yngling (Scylfing) clan. These sources also deal with his war against Onela, which he won with foreign assistance: in Beowulf he gained the throne of Sweden by defeating his uncle Onela with Geatish help, and in two Scandinavian sources (Skáldskaparmál and Skjöldunga saga), he is also helped to defeat Onela in the Battle on the Ice of Lake Vänern, but with Danish help. However, Scandinavian sources mostly deal with his interaction with the legendary Danish king Hrólfr Kraki (Hroðulf), and Eadgils is mostly presented in a negative light as a rich and greedy king.

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Événement Date Lieu Description Sources
Naissance [E3666] entre 500 et 599      
Décès [E3667]        


Relation avec la souche Nom Date de naissance Date de décès Relation dans la famille (si différent de la naissance)
Père Ottar Vendelkråke Egilsson [I4850]entre 515 et 530
         Adils Ottarsson entre 500 et 599
    Le frère     Eanmund [I2561]


Famille de Adils Ottarsson et Yrsa Helgesdotter [F1767]

Mariés Femme Yrsa Helgesdotter [I2176] ( * entre 500 et 599 + ... )
Nom Naissance Décès
Øystein Adilsson [I4848]estimée vers 600