Siemowit Piast de Pologne 1 2

Nom de naissance Siemowit Piast de Pologne
Nom de naissance Ziemowit
Identifiant Gramps I3020
Genre masculin


Relation avec la souche Nom Date de naissance Date de décès Relation dans la famille (si différent de la naissance)
Père Piast le Charron [I3021]
         Siemowit Piast de Pologne [I3020]


    Famille de Siemowit Piast de Pologne [F1328]
Nom Naissance Décès
Lestko Piast de Pologne [I3019]


Siemowit (also Ziemowit) was, according to the chronicles of Gallus Anonymus, the son of Piast the Wheelwright and Rzepicha. He was considered one of the four legendary Piast princes, but is now considered as a ruler who existed as an historical person.

He became the duke of the Polans in the 9th century after his father, son of Chościsko, refused to take the place of legendary Duke Popiel. Siemowit was elected as new duke by the wiec. According to a popular legend, Popiel was then eaten by mice in his tower on the Gopło lake.

The only mention of Siemowit, along with his son Lestko and grandson Siemomysł, comes in the mediæval chronicle of Gallus Anonymus.

Siemowit's grandson Mieszko I of the Piast dynasty is considered the first ruler of Poland to be baptized, though evidence of Arian Christians predating his reign was discovered in south Poland.

[source Wikipedia]

Arbre généalogique

  1. Piast le Charron [I3021]
    1. Siemowit Piast de Pologne
        1. Lestko Piast de Pologne [I3019]


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