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Nom de naissance Snø den gamle
Nom de naissance Snae le Vieux
Nom de naissance Snaer le Vieux
Nom de naissance Neige
Nom de naissance Snjá hinum gamla
Nom de naissance Snærr hinn gamli
Nom de naissance Snae the Old
Nom de naissance Snow
Nom de naissance Snær
Nom de naissance Snærr
Nom de naissance Snjár
Nom de naissance Sniō
Nom de naissance Nix
Nom de naissance Nivis
Identifiant Gramps I2471
Genre masculin


Relation avec la souche Nom Date de naissance Date de décès Relation dans la famille (si différent de la naissance)
Père Frosti [I2478]
         Snø den gamle [I2471]


    Famille de Snø den gamle [F1062]
Nom Naissance Décès
Driva Snøsdotter [I2470]
Thorri [I2472]
Fön [I2473]
Mjöl [I2474]


Snær (Old Norse) Snærr, East Norse Sniō, Latin Nix, Nivis) 'snow', in Norse mythology seemingly a personification of snow, appearing in extant text as an euhemerized legendary Scandinavian king.

In the Orkneyinga saga, Snow the Old (Snærr hinn gamli) is son of Frosti 'frost' son of Kári. In the account called Hversu Noregr byggdist ('How Norway was inhabited') in the Flatey Book, Snær is son of Jökul (Jǫkull 'icicle, ice, glacier') son of Kári. This Kári is lord of the wind and brother of Ægir or Hlér and Logi, all three being sons of the giant Fornjót. Fornjót is euhemerized in these traditions as an ancient king of Gotland, Finland and Kvenland. See Fornjót and Kings of Kvenland for details.

Snow's son in Orkneyinga saga and Hversu is Thorri 'frozen-snow'. The Hversu also gives Snow three daughters: Fön (Fǫnn 'Snowdrift'), Drífa 'snowfall', and Mjöl (Mjǫll, 'powdered snow'). Sturlaugs saga (section 22) brings in King Snow of Finmark and his daughter Mjöl who flies quickly through the air.

The Ynglinga saga relates how Vanlandi the ruler of Sweden visited Snow in Finland and married his daughter Drífa, but left in the spring and did not return. Drífa bore Vanlandi a son called Vísbur. See Vanlandi for further details.

The Hversu also mentions in passing, when speaking of Snær's distant descendant Halfdan the Old, that Snær's life lasted three hundred years.

Snow's son Thorri reigned after Snow as king of Gotland, Kvenland, and Finland. Thorri had two sons named Nór and Gór and a daughter named Gói ('thin snow, track-snow'). See Nór to follow this lineage further.

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Arbre généalogique

  1. Frosti [I2478]
    1. Snø den gamle
        1. Driva Snøsdotter [I2470]
        2. Thorri [I2472]
        3. Fön [I2473]
        4. Mjöl [I2474]


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