Radbard de Russie 1a 2a 3a

Nom de naissance Radbard de Russie
Nom de naissance Radbard of Russia
Nom de naissance Ráðbarðr
Nom de naissance Rathbarth
Nom de naissance Radbart
Identifiant Gramps I4822
Genre masculin
Âge au décès inconnu


Ráðbarðr, Raðbarðr or Rathbarth (late 7th century) was a legendary king of Garðaríki (Russia), who appears in Sögubrot and the Lay of Hyndla.

Sögubrot tells that he married the fugitive princess Auðr the Deep-Minded without the consent of her father king Ivar Vidfamne, who soon departed to punish his daughter. He died, however, on route, and so Ráðbarðr helped Auð's son Harald Wartooth claim his maternal grandfather's possessions in Sweden and Denmark.

Ráðbarðr and Auðr had a son together named Randver.

[source Wikipedia]


Événement Date Lieu Description Sources
Naissance [E2795] estimée vers 638     3b
Décès [E2901]        

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